100qm is the result of a 10-week Design Thinking Process with the goal to get innovations to a small machine factory in the Wendland Region of Lower Saxony. 

RiMaTec GmbH a 30 people company, manufacturing tool, fixtures and electromechanical machines in small series, works as a contract manufacturer and has no in-house research and development. We had the idea turn two unused storerooms into a space, where a young developer with an idea for an innovative machine can develop his prototype and business in close connection to the company and its large network of suppliers and experts. With highly trained production experts and a well-equipped machine park being just steps away, the founders will have the optimal support to develope their idea further and create functional prototypes. We also created two other use cases for the innovation space, one as a project partnership with universities and one for design sprints of external companies. We conducted user tests at RiMaTec, several interviews with professors, founders, entrepreneurs, and students, developed different financing, marketing and housing options for the three different use cases and verified the demand for it.

For more info visit https://rimatec.net/einhundert/

Project Partnership with RiMaTec GmbH

Developed at Wendland Design Spring

with Mirjam Prochnau and Elena Plinke